Healthy Way to Gain Weight Within 7 Days

Are you sure you want to be fat? Maybe you are just looking to gain weight in a week? Usually if you are looking to gain some weight in a short amount of time, it’s for something like wrestling sport or you are just too boney. Regardless of your reasons, you can gain a fair amount of fat in just a week. Don't eat foods that are full of saturated fat and empty calories. Though you may start packing on pounds, you may also run the risk of health trouble. For those looking for increasing bulk in a healthy way, here are a few tips.

How to Be Fat in One Week

It should be noted that before learning how to gain weight in one week, you need to speak with your physician to insure you don’t have health problems that may be causing you to be on the slim side. When the medical conditions are ruled out, try the following tips.

1. Add Extra Calories to Diets

For a pound in weight gain, you will need to eat extra 3,500 calories above what you are burning in a week. This means that by putting on extra 500 calories a day, you can gain one pound.

So start adding calories to your meals. Double up your peanut butter on toast in the morning, or have an extra helping of potatoes. Add some raisins to your salads, chop up nuts and snack on them, and have soups with your meals – these can add up to increase your calorie intake.

2. Increase Your Protein

Increase your calories by increasing your protein. In order to gain healthy muscle mass, you should consume about 0.55 grams of protein each day for each pound of your weight gain. You can get this by increasing the amount of chicken you eat; adding some steak to your fajitas, and consuming more nuts, cheese, nut butter, yogurt or fish are all ways to add protein.

3. Enjoy the Right Fat

To gain weight, you can get your healthy fat from olive oil, cashews and peanuts. Avoid bad fats like saturated fats that you will find in processed foods. For a treat enjoy frozen yogurt, bran muffins, granola bars and fruit pies.

4. Eat More Carbs

How to be fat in one week? You need to eat carbs regularly. These can be broken down into glucose for energy. Without them, your body must break down other sources such as fat or protein for energy. You should eat carbs at every meal but try to enjoy those that have been minimally processed. Opt for whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes.

5. Drink Fluids to Gain Weight

Many people don’t like trying to get their calories by eating because they feel too full. Consider adding nutritious drinks to help get them in. Smoothies can be high in calorie; make them by adding Greek yogurt, juice, milk, banana, and nuts. You can also keep it simple by adding 100% fruit juice or milk between meals. You should avoid drinking large amounts of liquids with your meals though. This will make you feel full when you could enjoy more calorie-rich food.

6. Snack Often

Consider starting to graze regularly. Snack on several small meals and treats between your three large meals. Some excellent, healthy sources of nutritious calories include cheese, seeds, fruits and nut butter. One medium banana and 2 tablespoons of butter can give you extra 300 calories. Or you can enjoy one ounce cheese and seven wheat crackers for 235 more calories. These can add up throughout the week.

7. Eat Late at Night

One tip for how to be fat in one week includes when you eat. Enjoy your dinner late at night, and have desert too. There have been recent studies that show people who snack after 8 p.m. have a body mass that is higher than those who stop eating earlier in the day, even if they aren’t eating a significantly higher calorie meal.

8. Sleep

It’s a good idea to strive for at least 7 hours of sleep. You will see even better results with 8-9 hours every night. When you are sleeping, your body gets to restore itself and build muscle. When you are only getting 6 hours or less, you aren’t going to see all the weight-gaining benefits of your diets and exercise.

9. Get Rid of Bad Habits

Reduce your intake of caffeinated beverages like tea, soda and coffee because they can suppress your appetite. Cut down or quit smoking. You will do your lungs and heart a favor as well as allow your body to gain some extra weight.

10. Exercise Regularly

Another thing you need to do if you are learning how to be fat in one week is to exercise. The right kind of exercising can help you add a bit of mass in a healthy way. Steer clear from getting aerobic exercise like cycling and instead opt for something that involves strength training. The first will help you blast calories while the second will help you to build lean, muscle mass. Some great strength training exercises are squats, crunches, bench presses, and deadlifts.


There are a few warnings you will want to adhere to when you are learning how to gain weight in one week, such as:

  • Avoid overeating. You can end up with a stomach ache, cramps or vomiting.
  • Gain weight slowly to avoid stretch marks and skin damage.
  • Get a variety in your diet to maximize your balanced nutrition.
  • Talk to your doctor before starting a weight gaining diet.
  • Be easy on yourself; there are a lot of factors like genetics that are also at work.