Weight Loss

  • How to Get an Inner Thigh Gap

    Are you desiring to to get an inner thigh gap? If you are trying to know how to get that, you can do certain exercises along with right diet and lifestyle changes.

  • How to Lose 1 kg per Week

    Losing 1 Kg of weight per week? How to do that? Though it seems difficult, if not impossible, you'd be surprised to know that by eating a low calorie diet, increasing physical activity and making a few lifestyle changes.

  • How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

    How can you lose 10 pounds within 10 days? Follow our low-calories meal plan, drink enough water, exercise regularly and other effective tricks.

  • 3 Steps to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

    How can you lose 20 pounds within a month? Just follow our 3 steps to lose 20 pounds in one month. Curious? Get to know how now!!

  • How to Lose a Stone in a Month

    How can you lose a stone in your mouth? You can do it by dieting, doing exercise regularly and reducing stress. Use our plans to treat stone in mouth.

  • Calories Burned with Burpees

    How many calories can you burn by doing burpees? It really depends on your weight and workout intensity. Learn Burpee benefits and how to burn fat by it.

  • How Many Calories Do Jumping Jacks Burn?

    How many calories do jumping jacks burn? Generally speaking, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn up to 5.1 calories per minute during a moderate intensity jumping jacks. It can burn more for intense exercise.