Skin, Hair & Nails

  • Peeling Skin Between the Toes: Causes and Treatments

    Suffering from peeling skin between the toes is common. There can be several causes and each cause tends to have its own treatment.

  • Itchy Foot Soles: Causes and Treatments

    Many disorders can be the underlying conditions of itchy foot soles, such as dermatitis. But with medications and other home care, it can be relieved.

  • Why Do Moles Grow Hair?

    Why do moles grow hair? If a mole appears in an area that has skin follicles, hair will grow out of it. A hairy mole is not dangerous and you can remove the hair if it bothers you.

  • Blood Blisters on Fingers and Toes

    Blood blisters can be annoying, especially on fingers and toes. Even though you can try to prevent it, you may still experience it, so you'd better know the treatments for it.

  • Armpit Cyst

    Irritations to the skin, an infection or cancers can cause armpit cysts. Perform a basic examination and determine the cause, so you can get adequate treatment.

  • Steam Room Benefits

    Being in a steam room can help relax the body and promote detoxification. You will enjoy many benefits when using steam room, meanwhile, some precautions should be taken by you.

  • Jalapeño Skin Burn

    The burning pain on skin caused from jalapeño pepper is uncomfortable. Typically, it won't last long and the jalapeño skin burn can be relieved with 10 simple home remedies.

  • Sweat Smells like Ammonia

    It is disturbing if the smell of your sweat is like ammonia. There are 3 causes for this. You can also take the 3 home remedies to prevent it.

  • Hard Bumps on Face

    Hard bumps on the face can unsightly and common. Based on different causes, some types are easily treated at home while others require a trip to the doctor or dermatologist.

  • Rashes on Inner Thigh

    Various conditions like contact dermatitis and allergy can cause rashes on your inner thigh, and the symptoms vary for each condition. Noting your symptoms to get the right treatments.