Why Are You So Tired on the Period?

Some call it monthly period, but most women call it a curse. Almost all women experienced the wrath every time their period arrives every month. It’s that dreaded time of the month when you feel not just cramps all over but also excessive moodiness and exhaustion. If you’re wondering why you have to go through this every month, keep reading this article to know its cause and how to deal with this so-called monthly curse.

Why Am I So Tired on My Period?

It is largely because of the change in hormone levels and how your body reacts to the physical effects of the period that cause this exhaustion.

A few days before your period begins, your body triggers the release of an egg from your ovaries; hence a shift in hormone occurs. Since Mother Nature built our ovaries for reproduction, our hormone levels are all pumped up to support the fertilization of egg by a sperm. Our body should have sufficient hormone levels to support the pregnancy.

When pregnancy does not happen, the blood that was stored in your uterus in preparation of pregnancy is shed out of your body. As your menstruation days go by, your hormone levels drop down and return back to normal after your cycle is finished. This sudden change of hormone level triggers moodiness during women's period.  

You have known"why am I so tired on my period" is mainly because of the way your body reacts to these mood changes. What's more, sleeping habits, diet and physical activity during the period listed below have an effect on your low energy and mental status.

Not getting enough sleep

You tend to toss and turn in your bed when you’re on your period. Those nasty cramps and the constant need to change tampon or napkin are the reasons why you’re not getting the recommended hours of sleep per night. Not getting a good, deep sleep turns you into a short-tempered zombie the next day.

The disguised comfort that comfort food brings

We’ve all been there. When we are on our period, we make an excuse to indulge in our comfort food. And so we stuff ourselves up with ice cream, donuts, mac-n-cheese, pizza, cookies, and any food that you can think of. After all, these are the only things that can bring comfort to the discomfort that our period brings.

But unfortunately, these high in sugar and fat diet is one of the reasonsto the question "why am I so tired on my period". Since you have consumed so much food, the body uses all of its energy to digest these things. No wonder you will feel like hibernating after devouring a gallon of ice cream.


Feeling of exhaustion before, during and after your period could be a sign of anemia, a condition where you lack iron in your blood. Other signs could be paleness, extreme weakness and very heavy periods. You should consult your doctor if you suspect that you are anemic.

How to Deal with Fatigue During Period

Don’t let your period get the best of you. Beat cramps and blues with these effective tips in dealing with fatigue during your red days.

1.  Eat several small meals

Instead of eating three big meals, eat several small meals all day long to keep your energy level at bay. Getting the proper nourishment will fight sluggishness and exhaustion. Stack on protein for a healthy boost of energy.

2.  Drink plenty of water

Why am I so tired on my period can also be caused by dehydration. Beat dehydration by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. Avoid soda and juices as they contain lots of sugar. Also limit your caffeine intake, especially towards the afternoon, if you want a good night sleep.

3.  Steer clear alcohol

Though knocking yourself out with few bottles of alcohol may sound tempting, this is not wise at all especially if you have a period. Alcohol will just compound the dizziness and exhaustion that you feel, plus you don’t want to wake up the next morning hang over. 

4.  Take multivitamin supplement

Since you can’t get all the nutrients that you need from food, taking multivitamin every day will increase the immunity of your body and provide you with the energy that you would badly need when you’re on your period.

5.  Get physical exercise

Maintaining an active lifestyle will give you the boost of energy to combat cramps and exhaustion. Even a 30-minute walk every day is all you need to prepare your body for the discomfort that menstruation brings.