Women's Health

  • How to Deal with Dry Vagina

    Finding a natural remedy for dry vagina can be tricky because not every piece of advice will prove effective. Try breathable underwear, tea tree oil, etc. for help.

  • What Do Breast Cysts Feel Like?

    What do breast cysts feel like? They are often painful, round and movable. Don't panic; they are not cancerous and can be drained. Get an examination early.

  • One Day Period, Could I Be Pregnant?

    One day period, could I be pregnant? Yes, there is a fair chance of pregnancy. But stress, diet, exercise, and medical conditions can also cause it.

  • Stage 3 Breast Cancer

    Stage 3 breast cancer can be divided into stage 3A, 3B and 3C cancer, depending on the place it has spread to. Know you stage and how to treat all of them here!

  • Cramping After Period

    Why do you have cramping after periods? There are 7 main causes, like ovulation or endometriosis. Know when to see a doctor and how to treat this pain here!

  • Spotting before Period

    Spotting before your period is light bleeding that occurs before the end of the menstrual cycle. It can be caused by many conditions. 7 easy home remedies can help you control the spotting.

  • Home Remedies for Vaginal Itch

    Vaginal itching can be an extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing condition that doesn’t allow you to enjoy your life. However, the itch can be cured with a few home remedies and daily cares.

  • Vaginal PH Balance

    What is the healthy vaginal pH and how it changes? If the pH balance is disturbed, can we do something to maintain the vaginal pH balance back? Should we see a doctor for it?

  • Itchy Breasts

    Most instances of breast itching are mild and should not raise alarm. Itchy breasts can have many causes like allergy, yeast infection, etc. Home remedies like using Epsom salt can soothe the symptoms.