Food & Nutrition

  • How to Increase Weight for Your Kids Healthily

    Does your child look malnourished? It can be a health risk when your child is underweight. Learn tips and tricks to help your kids gain weight wisely.

  • 8 Foods You Should Avoid to Prevent Cold Sores

    Know that some foods can cause cold sore, such as sugar, peanut butter, etc. and avoid them. Talk to your doctor if eliminating foods from your diet does not help.

  • 10 Best Teas That Relieve Bloating

    Many teas can help with bloating and keep symptoms under control. Lemon, ginger, etc. are all good options. Talk to a doctor if symptoms persist or become worse.

  • Benefits of Lime Water

    Benefits of lime water helps make it clear why you should include it in your diet. It reduces inflammation, controls weight, and offers many other benefits.

  • What Are the Benefits of Being a Vegan?

    Are you in favor of or against veganism? After knowing the veganism benefits, you may change your idea or stick to it more. However, know some cautions too.

  • 8 Unaware Side Effects of Gluten-Free Diet

    Side effects of gluten-free diet include increased gluten sensitivity, reduced fiber and nutrients, eating more fat and sugar, risk of arsenic poisoning, etc.

  • 8 Types of Foods Rich in Keratin

    Keratin is a protein present in hair, skin, tooth enamel and nails. Certain foods can help in the production of keratin. Include them in your diet.

  • 15 Side Effects of Diet Coke You Need to Know

    Diet coke is considered a better choice than the regular soda as it has no calories and sugar. However, it also has many side effects. Check them here.

  • 9 Amazing Health Benefits of Kimchi

    Apart from being delicious, did you know about the numerous kimchi health benefits that benefit your body inside out? It boosts immunity, betters digestion...

  • List of Fast Digesting Carbohydrates

    Fast digesting carbohydrates are high GI foods that are digested quickly and provide an instant boost of energy. Learn some of these foods and how to consume.