Digestive System

  • Tapeworms Treatments: Medications and Home Remedies

    Treatment for tapeworms depends on the severity of your condition. Home remedies like pumpkin may help with mild cases; but if it’s severe, seek medical help.

  • Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention of Strangulated Hernia

    Strangulated hernia symptoms can display in different ways, like fever or red protrusion on lower abdomen. You may even develop vomiting or diarrhea.

  • Can Green Tea Extract Hurt Your Liver?

    Can green tea extract hurt your liver? Yes, if consumed in excess dose according to the studies. Learn how to consume the green tea or supplement safely.

  • Castor Oil as Laxative: Usage and Precautions

    Castor oil can be used as laxative to relieve constipation. Consult your doctor beforehand. Discover how to use it and possible side effects.

  • How Are Alcohol and Gallbladder Health Related?

    How are alcohol and gallbladder health related? Moderate intake can help prevent gallstones, but excessive intake can lead to gallstones and cholecystitis.

  • Why Do I Always Feel Like I Have to Poop?

    Wondering why do I always feel like I have to poop? The chance is that you have tenesmus caused by conditions such as hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. Learn the treatments.

  • How to Protect Your Liver

    Learning how to protect your liver is essential. Try to lose weight, eat well, avoid alcohol and other ways to ensure that your liver stays healthy for as long as possible.

  • Loose Bowels

    Irritated gastrointestinal tract can cause people have loose stools. 9 causes along with treatment for each one can help you deal with the condition more efficiently.

  • Mucus in Stool

    Mucus in stool is a sign of digestive distress. Knowing other symptoms that accompany the mucus can help determine the underlying condition and thus turn to corresponding remedies.