Children's Health

  • Baby Wakes Up Crying from Nap

    If your baby wakes up crying from nap, you are not alone. This may be caused by hunger, discomfort, illness, etc. You can soothe him/her by giving milk, snack, toy, etc.

  • Rocking Back and Forth While Sitting

    Rocking back and forth while sitting can be a good way to soothe tension, but in some cases might indicate a serious problem such as autism. Here’s what to look for if you are concerned.

  • Baby Born Without Brain

    Baby born without brain is a neural tube defect. Cause is yet to find, but you should avoid the listed risk factors, get early diagnosis and take enough folic acid……

  • Gastroenteritis in Babies

    Gastroenteritis in babies is common but still causes worries. Know the causes, treatments and preventions of gastroenteritis to keep your baby on the safe side.

  • Factors Affecting Child Development

    By paying attention to the key factors that affect child development, a parent can ensure that their child gets the best possible chance of developing healthily and naturally.

  • Green Poop in Toddlers

    Green poop in toddlers is usually related to something the child has ingested, but under certain circumstances, green stool can indicate a severe issue.

  • White Poop in Toddler

    White poop can be caused by diseases like hepatitis and gut infection. It is a serious condition especially in toddlers. You can also do some preventions to avoid white stools in toddlers.