12 Quick Ways to Stop Feeling Sleepy

Whether you were up all night meeting your tight deadlines, or playing video games with your internet friends – you ended up sacrificing a lot of sleep. And the sad part is that this is a regular occurrence for you. Since you don’t get enough sleep, you feel drowsy throughout the day; your focus is amiss, your concentration is lacking and this has started affecting your personal life. I understand how it may be necessary to stay up late every once in a while to get your work done, so here are some fabulous ways to stop feeling sleepy.

How to Stop Feeling Sleepy

1.      Avoid Sitting Still for Long Periods of Time

There are various reasons for it. The two most important ones are:

  • The posture in which you sit affects your breathing, and the more you sit, the slower your heart rate is.
  • Your mind and body get used to your sitting in the same position day in and out, thus making the experience monotonous for you. And what happens when monotony sets? You feel sleepy!

In order to break the cycle, take a 5 minute break every hour or so. Stretch your legs, walk around, do some stretching exercises or basically anything that will get your body into a newer posture.

2.      Power Naps Are Essential

If getting a restful 8 hours of sleep isn’t a possibility for you, compensate by taking power napes during the day time. Researches have shown that naps between 40 and 60 minutes are ideal in order to re-energize your body, improve your performance and make you more alert.

3.      Laughter Is the Best Medicine

One of the best kept secrets for how to stop feeling sleepy is – laughter. Apart from having a lot of benefits to your mind and body, did you know that laughing helps you feel less sleepy? That’s because this action releases endorphins aka the feel good hormones, which instantly make you feel less tired and in a better mood. Watch standup comedy or cat videos on YouTube, or listen to your fav radio host – whatever makes you laugh!

4.      No Heavy Meals

A lot of people feel instantly lazier after consuming a heavy meal, and the best solution to this is to opt for 2 smaller meals instead.

Keep in mind that in no way do we encourage you to work or go to sleep on an empty stomach, because when you wake up in the morning, you will feel exhausted.

5.      Say It Out Loud!

This is an exceptional tip for those who study for hours at an end. At one point, not only do you feel sleepy but you realize all that you’re memorizing is going over your head. So break the monotony and speak out loud whatever you’re writing. If you’re at your office, take a minute or two out to talk to a colleague and ask them how their day was.

6.      Listen to Some Good Music

Listening to your fav music soundtracks is literally one of the best ways on how to stop feeling sleepy. Just make sure it isn’t something soft, soothing or romantic – the louder, the better. Loud music provides your body with a mild adrenaline rush, which is more than enough to keep you awake for an extended period of time.

7.      Say No to Sodas

They are nothing but empty carbs and loads of unnecessary sugar added to your body. Not only that, the sugar rush they give you is immediately met with a sugar withdrawal. This not only immediately reduces your blood sugar levels, but also makes you feel sleepy. Opt for coffee or green tea instead. Lemonades, fresh fruit juices and coconut water work just as fine.

8.      Avoid Working/Studying in Your Bed

What’s the purpose of your bed? To let you sleep in it. Period.

Any other activity that you have should be done anywhere except on your bed. If you’re going to study and work on your bed, then your mind and body will adjust their perception accordingly. They will think any activity on the bed = sleeps, which in turn will encourage your mind to make you feel sleepier than you actually are.

9.      No Smoking

Did you know that your body needs to combine glucose with oxygen to make energy? And the more you smoke, the more the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke consumes the amount of oxygen available in your body. It’s also terrible for your health and the health of those around you. Drop this filthy habit. Not only will you be working on how to stop feeling sleepy,you will also be working at a healthier you.

10.  Get Your Hormones Tested

It’s normal to feel drowsy if you’re experiencing your periods, or if you’re undergoing menopause. However, if it’s neither and you’re still always sleepy, then get your thyroid and other hormonal levels tested. It’s entirely possible that a hormonal imbalance is creating this issue for you.

11.  Take a Bath

Hot or cold – that’s up to you. But don’t hesitate to jump into the shower and take a quick bath. This will refresh your mind and body like no other! If you’re at a place where taking a bath is not an option, then how about splashing your face with cold water?

12.  Stimulate Your Sense of Smell

Sometimes, all it takes is a new scent to break the monotony in your mind (or body). So how about some scented candles? If that sounds a bit much for you, simply spritz your room with a room freshener and if you don’t have one, then just spray your fav perfume on your clothes. Even if one of your senses is stimulated, it will help keep sleep at bay.