Waking Up with a Headache

image001Headache is a common problem with many types, which may be seen in some cerebrovascular disease, the intracranial tumor development, infections of the head, face and neck, or neck sympathetic syndrome, functional nervous disorders or migraine with atopic features. To relieve or get rid of such pain, remedies should depend on the root cause. So if the headache is chronic and cannot be cured by home remedies, see a doctor for diagnosis.

Causes of Waking Up with a Headache

1. Stressful Headache

Also known as psychological headache or muscle contraction headaches - often popular in female than male patients, primarily in middle age. This condition is often characterized with pain in the sides of the head, starting from the bottom or occipital sides and temporal ones on those who are depressed, anxious.

2. Systematic Headache

A type of headache caused by a vascular etiology, mostly in middle-aged men who regularly smoking. The pain usually occurs after 1 to 3 hours of sleeping and upon awakening with a rather severe headache. The pain can be recurrent on many times and may be last for several days or several weeks.

3. Migraine

Migraine usually unknown causes with two major forms are as follow:

  • Migraine without Warning Symptoms. This usually occurs in the morning when waken up, sometimes at night and rarely occurs in the daytime. The pain usually begins slowly and reached a peak after several hours. At first just a pain in the side of the head (usually at the temples - forehead) then gradually spread to the first - mainly pain in the skull, and then pain in the face, possibly enclosed nausea and vomiting, bradycardia, hypertension sometimes and also highly sensitive to the smell. The pain generally lasts for a few hours to a few days and then left soreness feeling in the head.
  • Migraine with Warning Symptoms. Often beginning with locally neurological symptoms or cortical lobe and gradually develop in 5-20 minutes, lasting less than 60 minutes and then recover completely later on. This was also followed by headache, nausea and photophobia.

4. Sleep Disorders

Some sleep disorders, such as sleep apneas, periodic leg movements, probably make people awaken in their sleeping several times every night. Nightmares let people perfectly aware that they were awake at night. However, frequently having nightmares would affect the quality of sleep and rest. It also makes people have some difficulties with sleep starting as their fear that the nightmare will come again. Many people wake up in the middle of the night because of the fully feeling anxious torment, noise, certain medications, teeth grinding or even without any obvious reason.

5. Sinusitis

This is one of the diseases that cause insomnia due to headaches, especially with inflammation of the maxillary sinus. The patient is usually suffered from high fever, headache, insomnia, wrestling, nostril discharge, pus mucus, pus odor, etc.

6. Diabetes and Blood Pressure

A report in Diabetes Care Magazine showed a significant increase in patients with type 2 diabetes among chronic insomnia ones, with higher percentage of patients in the groups who slept less than 5 hours versus the 6 hours’ sleep daily. The link between obesity and diabetes with insomnia that might be common cause hormone disorders. In addition, the Sleep journal is published test results showing the relationship of sleep with high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression. People suffering from hypertension 3.5 times higher in the group who slept less than 6 hours compared with those who slept more than 6 hours each night.

7. Dehydration

Insomnia can cause dehydration to your body and you will become tired and headache when waken up. Drinking enough water not only helps relieve your thirst but also helps the body filter waste better for your kidneys. Add a little ice to your cups and let cold water help you to increase alertness, and euphoria.

8. Medication Overuse

The abuse of sleeping pills for a long time can cause many difficulties in insomnia treatment, because of addictive substance in the drugs. Once you are "addicted" to drugs (drug dependence), it’s too difficult to quit, and the consequence could be headache, fatigue, unable to concentrate.

Relief for Waking Up with a Headache

If the headache is not pathological, you can remove it by some gentle methods. Depending on the characteristics of the pain, let's choose a suitable analgesic way.

1. Rest and Avoid Certain Things

It does not mean lying down or standing still, because if too much you'll find it really heavy. If too stressful, just take advantage of a short sleep, and find wide-awake again when waken up, or listening to music and remember, do not worry, or think about anything else. Let's simplify things, and reduce stress. You should also stay away from televisions and computers to launch a rest, reducing stress. Besides, avoid staying in noisy places, using strong smelling perfumes, smoking, chewing gum, etc. When doing these, you'll see the pain that significantly reduced.

2. Massage the Head and Pressure Points

This is a reflex movement when you feel pain in some parts of the head. With stimulation massage, the brain will receive information more quickly and reduce the physical pain, giving you back the relaxed and pleasant feeling. This method is particularly effective for headaches caused by too much reading.

  • Sometimes, the neck was cramping caused by the heavy feeling, especially those who do office work, due to the risk of headache with neck rigidity is very large. Then, gently move your head from high to low and from left to right. Be careful not to shoot a complete loop because it will make you dizzy.
  • This method is very effective for headaches due to eye fatigue. You can use your fingers to gently press the point between the eyebrows at the same time rotate your fingers in small spirals, you will immediately see the surprise effect. You can also use two finger gestures placed above the two outer corners of the eyes and stroked upward like a massage, rotate to the outside of the eyebrow tail. Then do the same from the upper eyebrow to the place near hairline.
  • Use the advanced massage to achieve the desired improvement. Head massage machine with easily muscle vibration advanced functions helps relieve stress and improve circulation in the head and neck. It has many functions with different massage modes: vibration, massage, heat, combine vibration medium massage, or shake medium heat, or just squeeze medium heat.
  • Machine head massage comes with gently high heat to further enhance the solution of aches and tension. With different massage modes, combined mp3 player with the classical symphony will help increase blood circulation in the head and neck to help you relax, reduce stress with music.
  • Before going to bed and waking up early in the morning, using your hands to massage the forehead, the temples and surrounding the fovea and the top is really helpful to limit the rise of the headaches.

3. Drink Lots of Water

For some people, the body is dehydrated in the genesis of headaches. So drink plenty of water to balance the body fluid. Moreover, the water will easily excrete toxins which can be the cause of headaches. However, you should only drink water, also drink fruit juice. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages containing caffeine, because it will increase your headaches.

4. Take a Cold Shower

When having entirely bad headache, it’s possible due to dilated blood vessels. The pain can be reduced if being exposure to cold water. The lowest temperature of the water will facilitate the vasoconstriction, and quickly relieve pain. Change bath water temperature from hot to cold to shift the body to adapt gradually to the lower temperature. Prevent headache by building a working - resting time moderation, reasonable living. Take time to relax (soaking in a warm bath, walking, hiking, jogging, biking, or meditation, deep breathing, yoga, etc.) to limit the headache triggers.