Respiratory System

  • 11 Quick Home Remedies for Upper Respiratory Infection

    11 upper respiratory infection home remedies provided to save you from feeling miserable. Be sure to talk to your doctor if your symptoms persist or become worse.

  • 5 Breathing Exercises and 6 Tips for Your COPD

    One way to work through your COPD is practicing breathing exercises. Learn the five exercises and other six tips to improve your breathing.

  • Crackling in Lungs

    There are several types of crackling sounds in lungs, which can be a sign of a serious medical condition, like pneumonia. Treatment depends upon what is causing the crackling sound.

  • Coughing After Eating

    Coughing or throat feeling uncomfortable after eating is a sign that something is irritating the esophagus or throat. Learn possible causes of coughing after eating get proper treatment.