Pain Management

  • Muscle Soreness Without Exercises: Causes and Dealing Ways

    Muscle soreness can occur without exercises. It may be due to nutrient deficiency, stress, lack of activity, etc. Learn more causes and treatment.

  • Causes and Treatments of Right Side Pain Under the Ribs

    Feeling right side pain under the ribs can be caused by many conditions such as liver diseases, appendix, etc. Your doctor can help you find out the exact cause.

  • Causes and Treatments of Pain on the Right Temples

    Pain on the right temples has many different causes such as migraine. Here are some treatments which can help relieve this condition.

  • Pain in Left Sides While Pregnant: Causes and Remedies

    Pain in the left sides while pregnant is a common condition. However, it is important to be aware of any unusual occurrence and learn about when to worry.

  • Pain in Back of Head and Neck

    There are 15 most common causes can make your back of head and neck painful. You can take some remedies to soothe your conditions.

  • Sore Muscles After Drinking

    Your muscles may get sore after drinking. There are 4 causes for this. You can take the 8 easy home remedies to relieve the soreness of your muscles.

  • Right Jaw Pain

    Pain in right jaw may be caused by damages to the jaw bone and other surrounding structures. Learn right jaw pain causes, complications and treatments.

  • Outer Thigh Pain

    Pain along your outer thigh is usually mild and can be remedied at home, for it is usually caused by mild conditions like muscle contusion. If pain is persistent or gets worse, see a doctor as there could be a more serious injury involved.

  • Pain in Left Hand

    Left hand pain is most frequently caused by overuse or damage to the area while conditions like arthritis, trigger finger and CTS may also contribute to the pain. Massaging, warm compress may soothe the symptoms.

  • Pain Below Sternum

    Pain below the sternum may be caused by esophagitis, acute pancreatitis, muscle strain and other 5 conditions. Learn all causes and treatments here.