Oral Health

  • Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Stronger Teeth

    Maintaining a good oral and dental health is important for maintaining your overall health. Learn about ways to have stronger teeth in everyday life.

  • Top 10 Home Remedies That Help with Cavities

    Home remedies for cavities like salt and oil pulling can help prevent cavities or at least alleviate pain from cavities. Talk to your dentist if the pain persists.

  • Side Effects of Soda on Your Teeth

    Soda, including diet soda, can cause serious effects on teeth, such as erosion, tooth loss, etc. due to its high sugar content. Be sure to limit your intake.

  • Pimple On Upper Lip: Causes and Treatments

    Different things can cause pimples on your upper lip area. Most go away on their own, but here are some helpful home remedies to lessen pain and speed up healing.

  • What's the Harm of Swallowing Toothpaste?

    Have you always wondered what happens if you swallow toothpaste? Here is a guideline on the effects and what to do about them.

  • Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?

    Does getting a cavity filled hurt? You will be given local anesthetic so it won’t hurt, but you may feel pressure from the instruments. Learn how to care for your cavity filling.

  • 10 Ways to Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth

    10 ways here can guide you on how to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque and tartar are bacterial deposits that can cause tooth decay and gum damage.

  • Salt Water Mouth Rinse

    Using salt water for mouth rinse is believed to help kill bacteria in mouth and it's convenient, cheap and alcohol-free. But what's the right way to make the salt water solution and then use it?

  • Metallic Taste in Mouth

    Have a metallic taste in your mouth? It may be a temporary condition caused by many factors like medications, pregnancy, trauma to the mouth or tongue, infection, etc.