Blood & Heart

  • Difference Between Arteries and Veins

    The main difference between arteries and veins is the type of blood they carry, oxygenated or deoxygenated. Know other 3 differences and how they are connected here.

  • Elevated White Blood Cell Count

    An elevated white blood cell count normally means your body is fighting infections, but rarely cancer can be the cause. Know its 8 causes and when to worry.

  • Sickle Cell Disease

    Stem cell disease changes normal red blood cells' shape and makes it hard to supply oxygen to different body parts. Know its causes, symptoms and treatments.

  • Blood in Mucus

    Blood in the mucus can be a sign of a serious condition that is causing damage to the body. Causes and treatments differ for blood in sputum and nasal mucus.

  • How to Increase White Blood Cells

    Leukopenia or a low white blood cell count means a weak immune system. Learn how to boost your white blood cell count here with simple remedies like eating the right foods.