Women's Health

  • Why am I Having Clitoral Pain after Giving Birth?

    Clitoral pain after giving birth can be common, but concerning. While you may have sustained a birth injury, you may just need time to heal.

  • Why Are You So Tired on the Period?

    Are you asking why feeling so tired on the period? Read on this article to know its cause and what you can do to deal with menstrual cramps and exhaustion.

  • 8 Best Natural Remedies That Help with Endometriosis

    There are many natural remedies for endometriosis that can help without the use of drugs or chemicals. You can try turmeric, Sitz bath, etc. for relief.

  • Supplements to Relieve Menstrual Problems

    One way to reduce PMS symptoms is by using a number of supplements to keep your menstrual cycle more regular and easy to pass. Get to know 10 supplements here.

  • Fibroid Surgery Types and Recovery Tips

    Fibroid surgery is used to remove fibroids. The procedures include hysterectomy, myomectomy, endometrial ablation, etc. Learn the tips for a better recovery.

  • Foods to Eat after Abortion for Better Recovery

    Diet after abortion is important to help heal your body. While you need to eat a large variety of healthy foods, some will be very vital to your recovery. Learn what they are.

  • How to Deal with Dry Vagina

    Finding a natural remedy for dry vagina can be tricky because not every piece of advice will prove effective. Try breathable underwear, tea tree oil, etc. for help.

  • What Do Breast Cysts Feel Like?

    What do breast cysts feel like? They are often painful, round and movable. Don't panic; they are not cancerous and can be drained. Get an examination early.

  • One Day Period, Could I Be Pregnant?

    One day period, could I be pregnant? Yes, there is a fair chance of pregnancy. But stress, diet, exercise, and medical conditions can also cause it.

  • Stage 3 Breast Cancer

    Stage 3 breast cancer can be divided into stage 3A, 3B and 3C cancer, depending on the place it has spread to. Know you stage and how to treat all of them here!