Exercise & Fitness

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    Will running make your butt become flat? This depends primarily on your body structure, your diet, and the running routines done. Know more about running facts here.

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    Wondering how to lose upper thigh fat? Exercises such as lunges, squats, etc. and diets changes can help you get the shapely thighs and legs you desire.

  • What to Eat after a Workout to Lose Weight

    Knowing what to eat after a workout to lose weight can help you get better results. Increase your intake of carbs and protein to trigger recovery. Know what else to eat.

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    Losing weight while sitting at desk is also possible. If you are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle due to the nature of your job, here are the weight loss strategies.

  • 10 Quick and Effective Ways to Fight Fatigue

    Wondering how to fight fatigue? Eat your breakfast and lead an active life to be energetic. But talk to your doctor first to rule out underlying condition.

  • Cardio Before or After Weights

    Should you do cardio before or after weights? There are 5 great reasons to lift weight before doing cardio. But opinions do split on this issue. Know more here!