Should You Tell Everything to Your BBF?

You and your best friend might share a lot of things together and you might say you both know each other better than anyone else. But, there are probably a number of things that you just keep to yourself when it comes to their life. Whether it's her partner you don't particularly like or the complaints she has about her job or coworkers, sometimes you just keep your opinions to yourself. Then will you wonder it's right or wrong?

Should You Tell your Best Friend Everything?

While you may want to tell your BFF everything you definitely shouldn't. There are a few things your best friend is better off not knowing.

1. Secrets you're supposed to keep secret

Even though they may be your best friend, you never want to tell them anything someone else has confined in you to keep to yourself. You want to remain loyal and trustworthy to the other people in your life. Your best friend doesn't automatically have permission to know all the details about the lives of your other friends, family members, co-workers or significant other.

2. How to raise their kids

Everyone has a parenting opinion or advice and often times it isn't asked for or wanted. You may not agree with how your friend disciplines her kids or the choices she is making as a parent, but if her kids are happy, healthy and safe, then keep your advice and opinions to yourself unless otherwise asked for. And even if asked, use caution when giving your opinion.

3. You are cheating on your partner

If you are cheating on your long-term partner, then keep it to yourself or at least come clean to your partner before letting anyone else know. This is one thing you don't want to drag your friend into the middle of, especially if you don't have any intentions of ending the affair.

4. Your partner's cheating past

Should you tell your best friend everything about your partner's past relationships? You and your partner have your past relationships and while you both should be honest with one another about how those relationships ended, your best friend doesn't need to know. Once your best friend knows about your partner's unfaithful past, they will constantly be wondering if they are also cheating on you and may cause unnecessary problems in your relationship.

5. All your insecurities

They may not do it intentionally, but the more your best friend knows what gets under your skin or makes you uncomfortable, the more they might make jokes about it. Sharing all the things that make you lose your confidence may put you in a more awkward situation that you wouldn't like to be in.

6. All your life goals

Most of the time you'll rely on your friend to support and encourage you to go after attainable goals. All your goals, however, may not be realistic to your friend and you may not get the motivational boost you expect. Some of your goals and dreams are best kept to yourself as you work towards them.

7. Your finances

Whether you are making enough money or have money troubles, it is best to keep your finances out of conversations with your friends. While every once in a while, you might need to skip on a night out to save up extra cash, your best friend doesn't need to know all the details about your financial standing.

8. What goes on in the bedroom

Should you tell your best friend everything that goes on in the bedroom? No, especially if you are having some disappointments in that area. Your best friend doesn't need to know whether your partner knows what they are doing or that there might be some troubles in that department. Once your friend knows the intimate details of your relationship, they won't ever look at your partner the same.

9. Fights with your partner

Every relationship will have its ups and downs, but your best friend doesn't need to know about all of them. When you and your partner have a fight, your friend will immediately take your side because that's what friends are for. When you and your partner work things out, your friend may still have their guard up about any fights the two of you may have had.

10. All your complaints

Yes, you'll want to call on your friend to vent every now and then, but if all you do is to dish out your complaints to them, this can lead to a lot of negativity. This is especially true when it comes to your relationships. If you only spill the negative aspects of your relationship, then your friend will only have a negative view about your partners.

11. When you think your partner is keeping something from you

You might have a feeling your partner is going behind your back about something. Whether you think they are cheating or just being dishonest, should you tell your best friend everything about your suspicions involving your partner? If you don't have proof that they are being dishonest with you, it is best to keep your suspicions to yourself. As soon as you let your friend know what you suspect, they will always keep this in the back of their mind and think it to be true even if your partner is completely innocent.