How to Make Front Hair Grow Faster Naturally

It can be extremely difficult to deal with hair loss. Knowing about the underlying causes may help handle things better. In most cases, you lose hair because of poor nutrition. An underlying illness can also lead to this problem. Sometimes, hair loss is because of simple genetics. Many people want to know of remedies that would help promote hair growth. Thankfully, there are a number of options to try and learn how to make front hair grow faster naturally.

Best Tips to Grow Your Front Hair Naturally

In case you are worried about losing your front hair, you may want to try some natural remedies to help it grow back. While you may not notice any quick growth, there may certainly be some improvement over time. Be sure to stick to the remedy that shows some improvement. Here are some options to consider:

1.    Massage Your Head

You should massage the affected area of your head on a daily basis. Massage helps improve blood circulation to the area and deliver important nutrients to hair follicles. This nourishes your hair and helps improve hair growth.

2.    Use Eucalyptus Oil

People interested in learning how to make front hair grow faster naturally should consider using eucalyptus oil on a regular basis. It helps improve blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles for better hair growth. Simply apply a layer of the oil on the affected area or massage it gently into your scalp to get good results.

3.    Include Protein in Your Diet

Your hair is composed of protein, so increasing you intake of protein is going to help promote hair growth. Check your diet and see if you are getting enough protein on a daily basis or not. You can include fish, eggs, lean meats, and dairy products in your diet to get more protein. Leafy green veggies, beans, and tofu are also some good sources of protein.

4.    Include Biotin in Your Diet

This B-vitamin helps with hair growth and is found in foods like salmon, nuts, eggs, meat products, avocados, and wheat bran. Any deficiency of biotin can cause hair loss and lead to other problems as well. In case of a severe deficiency, you may benefit from a biotin supplement.

5.    Get More Vitamin A and C

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in the body and prevents oxidative damage to cells. This improves your chances of getting your hair back. Similarly, vitamin helps keep your hair healthy. You can get vitamin A from foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut, kale, and pumpkin, whereas leafy greens, broccoli, citrus fruits, and peppers are great sources of vitamin C.

6.    Increase Your Intake of Omega-3s

Wondering how to make front hair grow faster naturally? Try omega-3s. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial fats and help improve your cardiovascular health. They are also essential for healthy hair. You can increase your intake of omega-3s by eating more of sardines, salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds. In some cases, taking flaxseed oil or fish oil supplement may also help.

7.    Make Use of Onions

Onion helps promote hair growth because it contains sulfur. Simply take an onion, peel it, and then mince it to get its juice. Apply it directly to the affected area and massage for a few minutes. Leave it there for an hour and wash with a mild shampoo.

8.    Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E and also provides you with antioxidants. All you have to do is combine a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of honey. Warm the mixture and apply it directly to the affected area. Rinse it after half an hour using a mild shampoo.

9.    Try Beetroot Leaves

Packed with magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6, beetroot leaves can help strengthen your hair and promote growth. Take a handful of beetroot leaves and boil them in water. Then, grind those tender leaves to make a paste. Add some henna to the paste and apply it to affected area to promote hair growth. Be sure to leave the paste on for at least 20 minutes and then wash it using a mild shampoo.

10.   Try Coriander

Coriander offers iron, vitamin C, and proteins to help promote hair growth. Take a handful of coriander and crush it. When you get a smooth paste, apply it to the front hair and massage for a few minutes. Leave it there for half an hour and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

11.   Make Use of Curry Leaves

You can use curry leaves to know how to make front hair grow faster naturally. These leaves are rich in amino acids, so help a lot against hair loss. Take a handful of curry leaves and leave them in the sub. Then, grind those leaves to make a powder. Add some castor oil to the powder and mix well. Apply this paste on the affected area and leave for an hour. Finish by washing your hair with a mild shampoo.

12.   Try Cumin Seeds

Another good remedy for hair loss is to use cumin seed. It has more than 100 nutrients, so is extremely beneficial for your hair. Take a teaspoon of cumin seeds and soak in a cup of olive oil. Leave it overnight and then use it to massage your scalp in the morning. Leave the mixture in your hair for about a couple of hours and then use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.