Bone & Joint

  • What Is the Timeline of Recovery After Hip Replacement?

    How much time will you need to recover from a hip replacement surgery? Here is a general timeline for you and also the recovery tips.

  • How Long Does a Sprained Ankle Take to Heal?

    How long does a sprained ankle take to heal? That depends on various factors, including which grade your injury is. whatever it is, learn ways to speed up recovery.

  • Why does My Hip Hurt When Walking?

    There are numerous causes of hip pain while walking. Learn the 4 most common causes and how to deal with them.

  • What Causes Burning Pain in Neck?

    Numerous medical conditions can result in burning pain in neck. Learn the 4 most common causes and how to deal with each condition so that you manage the pain.

  • How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

    It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, thin or fat – it is very important for you to know how to keep joints healthy. Massage, good posture, etc. are important.

  • How to Tell If You've Torn Your Rotator Cuff?

    How to know if you have a torn rotator cuff? Pain is an obvious sign, but other symptoms may also appear. Take a small test and see a doctor if pain persists.

  • Symptoms of Neck Strain and When to Worry

    Neck strain occurs due to a tear in the neck muscles. The symptoms are usually mild and can be easily relieved. But serious signs can occur sometimes.

  • What Triggers Gout Attacks?

    A gout flare up occurs when excess uric acid gets deposited around a joint. Avoid triggers such as certain foods, health conditions, medicines, stress, etc.

  • 14 Ways to Ease Neck Pain

    Neck pain is a very common condition and can occur due to various reasons. How can you relieve neck pain both instantly and in the long run? Learn here.

  • Meniscus Tear Treatments and Preventions

    A meniscus tear can be painful but you can find meniscus tear treatments to improve your condition. Remedies can help but you may need surgery in some situations.