Diet and Exercise to Make Your Butt Firmer

Many people are hoping to reduce the size of their butts, for they are likely to store fat in the thigh and hip areas, sometimes gaining excess weight that makes their butt look disproportionally large. Reducing the butt size can be challenging and may require a few exercises that concentrate on this area as well as diets tips before you see an improvement.


How to Reduce Butt Size with Workout

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises will allow you to burn fat all over the body, but focusing on exercises that impact the legs and butt will help you shrink these areas more effectively, including:

  • Jogging up and down the stairs
  • Running
  • Bike riding
  • Kick boxing

Butt Reduction Workouts

There are plenty of resistance exercises that will specifically target the muscles in the butt to help them look leaner. Keep the amount of weight you lose low to avoid adding bulk to your muscles that will make your butt look larger.


  1. Get on your hands and knees on the ground, then raise one of your legs off the floor, keeping it bent at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Push the heel up toward the ceiling before lowering your leg back to your starting position.
  3. Perform three sets of 20 on each leg.
  4. Some gyms have a machine that will allow you to add weight to each leg as you perform this routine.


Narrow-leg Squats

  1. Stand with the feet a few inches apart and then move into a squatting position.
  2. Keeping the legs closer together during this exercise will increase the pressure on your butt for more resistance.
  3. You can perform this exercise while holding a dumbbell to increase resistance as well.


Standing Kickbacks

  1. Stand around 1-2 feet away from a wall and then lean into the wall with your arms stretched out in front of you.
  2. Keep the arms perpendicular to the ground.
  3. Contract the muscles in the butt and lift up one leg as high as you can.
  4. Perform three sets of 8 with each leg.


Step Backs

  1. Stand with the feet around shoulder width apart and hold a 15 pound weight in the right hand parallel to your body.
  2. Step back with the left foot and bend your knee so you are in a lunging position. Do not allow the right knee to extend past the toes.
  3. As you step back up into your starting position squeeze the glutes.
  4. Perform a set of 10 on each leg.



How to reduce butt size? This workout is perfect!

  1. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hold them so they are resting on the thighs in front of the body.
  2. Keep your legs and back as straight as possible while you reach toward the ground with the weights, going as far as you are able with your level of flexibility.
  3. Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Step Ups

  1. Stand in front of a low bench or step, stepping up with each foot 10 times.
  2. Make a point to keep the knee in line with the ankle while you step and work to keep the spine straight.
  3. If you would like to add an abdomen workout to this exercise, lace the fingers behind the head.


Hip Walks

  1. Stand on an exercise band and hold the ends in the opposite hands so the band is crossed.
  2. Stand up tall and take a large step to the right, making sure the feet are not turned out or in.
  3. Perform 15 reps on each leg.



  1. Lie on the floor with the feet flat on the ground and your knees bent. Keep the hands at your sides.
  2. Tighten the glutes and abs as you lift the pelvis off the ground, holding this position for 30 seconds before you return to your starting position.
  3. Repeat this exercise for 20-40 reps until the abs burn.


This video will show you an example of butt reduction exercises:

How to Reduce Butt Size with Healthy Diet

There are no specific foods that can help you decrease the size of your butt, but eating a diet that is healthier overall can help you reduce the amount of weight you are carrying on your body.

  • Lower your overall calorie intake and avoid foods such as snacks or ice creams that do not provide any nutrition.
  • Choosing lean meats, foods high in fiber and plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you maintain a healthier body shape.
  • Pair these food choices with plenty of water to help flush away unwanted calories.

Metabolism-promoting Foods

Some food can help increase the metabolism speed when combined with other healthy eating choices and exercise. Following the next instructions will help:

  • Drinking green tea without any added sugar,
  • Adding chili pepper, garlic, ginger or red pepper flake to meals
  • Eating grapefruit, sipping fruit juice without added sugar
  • Replacing meat with soy products can help to boost your metabolism so it’s easier to lose weight.